CRISIS Communicator

The end users of CRISIS project made it clear that voice communication was a key requirement for the final training system. The primary reason being that trainee communications needed to be made available for analysis during after action review. For that reason, I was required to develop a bespoke voice communication tool. It was developed in C# using the .NET framework, and made use of socket connections for the voice data, a Restful service client for storing the data, an ActiveMQ producer for sending real-time events, and a WCF service for receiving push-to-talk events. The images below show the client and server interfaces, and the tool being used by Icelandic airport emergency response teams during a training event in June, held at Reykjavik airport. The tool has also been deployed to the Portuguese airport authority, based at Lisbon airport, and British Transport Police, based in London.

Comms tool deployed at ISA