Author: Chris

Docker DNS

We have a web-based research prototype that allows for multi-browser interaction on multiple devices. For example, interactions in a browser on a tablet would be reflected in the browser on my laptop. Since this is still in development, I also run the server on my laptop. This was all fine until we introduced the security […]

Faceted Views of Varying Emphisis

Data analysts must often attend to several perspectives on a dataset concurrently. A common example is when the data have many attributes that carry spatial, temporal and other descriptive characteristics. Analysts need approaches that enable these many perspectives to be considered concurrently, so that they can build a comprehensive, multi-faceted understanding of phenomena. In this […]


In an attempt to improve my web programming skills, I have developed Snake in JavaScript. It’s a simple DHTML version, and uploads the score via a simple PHP script. You can interact with the game below (which is in an iframe) by clicking on the green area to get focus, then use w, a, s […]

High-Resolution Gaming

To test whether I could get Unity3D applications working smoothly on the MDX Powerwall, I used a car racing demo (, created by Morten Sommer). I modified the demo such that the user input was synchronised across three instances of the application (one running on each graphics card). The end result is a racing game […]

MDX Powerwall Display

The MDX Powerwall is a 64 million pixel display that I have designed and build at Middlesex University. It is constructed of 18 Dell 27″ monitors, each with a resolution of 2560×1440, giving a total of 1536×4320. It is powered by a single PC thanks to three AMD Radeon 6870 Eyefinity graphics cards. In the […]

Command Post Training Tool

The CRISIS project aimed to deliver both field exercise and command post exercise training. The XVR simulation tool allows us to do the former, and I was required to create the latter. It was developed during a two-week post at E-Semble, where we were able to collaborate on the interactions between XVR and the command […]

What R these data about? – An introduction to R

During the 3rd Visual Analytics Summer School, hosted at Middlesex University, myself and Rick Walker gave a 2 hour tutorial on R, an Open-Source environment for statistics and graphics. The aim was to demonstrate the capabilities of R to those that haven’t used it before. Feel free to try the tutorial. All the material you […]

Interacting with XVR using the Microsoft Kinect

After spending two days working on a conference paper submission to IEEE VAST, I decided to give my myself a Friday afternoon project. I took some of the earlier Microsoft Kinect work I had done and connected it to the XVR simulation software that we’re using as part of the FP7 CRISIS project. The XVR […]

CRISIS Communicator

The end users of CRISIS project made it clear that voice communication was a key requirement for the final training system. The primary reason being that trainee communications needed to be made available for analysis during after action review. For that reason, I was required to develop a bespoke voice communication tool. It was developed […]